Roxie jumps over a hurdle and through a hoop


Students from Martha Jane Potter Elementary School visit Stables at Creekside Glen in Partridge (April 22, 2010)


Snowstorm of Feb. 19, 2012


Cowan Elementary School’s cast of Aladdin Jr. performs at school board meeting (Oct. 26, 2009)


Groundbreaking of an ATV trailhead and RV park at Fishpond Lake on April 23, 2010

A “radical bed dancer” performs at the Heritage 2K9 car and truck show in Whitesburg


It’s shoebox time at the First Baptist Church in Whitesburg.


2009 Letcher County Kids’ Day Back to School Bash

Letcher County Kids Day Back-to-School Bash July 31, 2009 (Photos by Sally Barto) Kim Stamper, 8, of Isom rode Silver during the Kids Day event while Jimmy McIntosh led the way. Kim, a student at Beckham Bates Elementary School, is the daughter of Kathy Stamper of Isom. A BMX bike stunt show was a popular attraction at the Kids Day event. […]

2012 fall photos of Letcher County

Mountain Eagle readers submitted these fall scenes of Letcher County

Pine Mountain and Little Shepherd Trail (Oct. 23, 2009)

Pine Mountain and Little Shepherd Trail (Photos by Sally Barto)